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Midsummer's Dream: Card 4

Yesterday, before I did the drawings I have posted in my previous spread, I had pulled the card that belongs at the fourth position of the Midsummer’s Dream spread. The position is called: "Future Trends of the Need for Protection". The question for this position is: What trends are being set? Am I on my way to fulfilling my heart’s desire, or do I need to go in another direction?

I have pulled the Emperor from the Tarot of Jane Austen made bychelsearoad. Depicted is Sir Thomas from Mansfield Park, a stern and conservative man. 

There is a huge contrast between this card and the card that represented my heart’s desire, Three of Cups. The Three of Cups card has a sense of freedom, fun and going with the flow. The Emperor is strict; he defends and builds his empire, and is in need of control. Sir Thomas -and the Emperor-  has a strong moral code, according to Diane Wilkes her essay about this card. One of the themes in the Mansfield Park is a play to be held in the house, to which Sir Thomas objects when he comes back from a long trip. That depicts his moral code.

Do I need to go in another direction? I think so, at least if I want to have more Three of Cups fun flowing in my life. Having drawn this stern Emperor made me aware of that. But he is so stern and stands such a high moral ground that I think it will not be a simple thing to do, going in another direction.
Tags: christine jette, emperor, spread: midsummer's dream, summer solstice, tarot of jane austen, three of cups

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