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The Three Princes


Reading with the Fairytale Tarot involves incorporating three layers: the classical meaning of the tarot card, the fairytale, and the picture on the card. Sometimes these three aspects are overlapping each other, sometimes they differ.

Today I pulled 3 of Cups, "The Three Princes". My question was: "Who am I today?"

We went to Amsterdam, and in the late afternoon to the beach in Zandvoort, when the sun was less burning. Three of Cups is a card of happiness. Oh yes... lots of happiness today; my arms are much better than yesterday. I am the prince on the card who lifts both his arms (very visible arms), and the seashore was wide, open and inviting.

Lots of action today: trains, city, beach. That's on the card, a lot of movement. Not all movement points in the same direction. This differs from the RWS Three of Cups. There the movement is very harmonious. The fairytale is about three brothers. The brothers split up and go to different sides; therefore they point to different directions.

Three trees are their representatives. They show it if one of the three is dead. In this way they can take care of each other. It was not that severe with with us, we did not expect someone to die of course, but we literary split up in Amsterdam, just like the brothers. We made a clear appointment where and when we would meet each other (I was even a bit early, being afraid the others were bored, and were already waiting). And I must say, when we were at the seashore I was looking at sea often at the times my daughter and husband went swimming, to see if they were still there; the sea is dangerous. In this way there certainly was care-taking today. 

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