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Midsummer's Dream: Card 6

It is June 21, Midsummer. Today I have pulled the last card of the Midsummers’ Dream spread, made by Christine Jette, from her book Tarot for all Seasons. The card is for the sixths position and is called “Future Trends on Psychic Development”. The card drawn in this position shows the outcome to my psychic development. The card is related to the last card which I pulled, that showed the voice of my intuition.

I have pulled Eight of Coins from the Tarot of Jane Austen. 

For a second day in a row I have pulled Anne Eliot from the book Persuasion. Yesterday Anne was shown as servile, in service of others against her own self-interest (on Ten of Candlesticks). Today she is shown as a capable and confident woman who is able to do many things: playing the piano, writing, reading, taking care for a child, acting as lay-counsellor, budgeting, and making accounts of the possessions of the estate.

I must admit I was glad seeing the card, because it shows a confident woman. It shows ‘me’ doing many different tasks effortlessly. It is a step forward, looking at the burdened Anne from Ten of Candlesticks which I pulled yesterday. I like being busy, feeling confident in my jobs. And I like going through life having many tasks. So, if this is the future trend of paying attention, then that is all right.

But in relation to my heart desire, card one, Three of Teacups, I am not so sure I am happy with the Eight of Coins. My heart desire is having more fun and joy in my life. This card does not show fun. 

 Besides that, I have pulled Eight of Pentacles, another version of this card, a few days ago in the interpretation of a drawing. Back then it showed that working serves as a means to repress my feeling side, feelings of loss and sadness repressing joy and fun along with it. 


Furthermore, the servile Anne on the Ten of Candlesticks might be viewed as the shadow of the Eight of Coins on which Anne is taking confidently care of many tasks, and almost all in service of others. The Three of Cups’ fun and joy is not easily reached looking at both cards in this regard.

So, mixed blessings.
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