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Little Red Riding Hood


All day I did not know what this card, Five of Swords, titled "Little Red Riding Hood" had to say about today.

I pulled it this morning from the Fairytale Tarot with the question: "Who am I today?" I told my husband which card I pulled, and we joked about it during a game we played -which I very much wanted to win- that I was the aggressive wolf on the picture. Well, actually I am not. I am Little Red Riding Hood, standing there, with a basket full of gifts.

Do you see the bottle with medicine on the table? Well, one of my family members is fallen ill again (not life threatening), and we thought it was over. The traditional meaning of Five of Swords (at least, one of the meanings), is winning, but not really: the enemy is not defeated, or a conflict is not satisfactory resolved.

In the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood is deceived by the wolf; she thinks the wolf is her grandmother. We thought and hoped very much that the illness was over. But it is not. We were deceived. The battle is not won. We can see it now, the illness is lying there as the wolf; it had only taken a hiding as friendly grandmother.
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