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A Waterfall for my Ears

Yesterday I made a drawing themed ‘my intention for healing’. It was an exercise from the book Healing Art. First I had to relax, then I had to let my attention go to a place which I wanted healing for. My attention went to my ears, to the sounds in there. As an healing image a waterfall came into my mind and that is what I painted. I like the water that is falling down on it, and the dark pool as well. According to the book, I need to interpret the drawing, I have not done that yet. 


Now I think of it, I am very fond of room-fountains, these have streaming water too, just as the waterfall. There are two of them in my study. Many more are on the attic, so that I can change them now and then. It leads to funny conversations between my husband an me. Me: “I am going to buy something”. Silence. My husband: “Oh no, you don’t!” We both know what is meant here. The fountains have never made it to the living room (yet).
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