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A Fresh Perspective of Disease: Card 2

Today I have pulled the second card of “A Fresh Perspective of Disease”, a spread by Christine Jette from Tarot for the Healing Heart.

The spread consists of four cards.
Card 1: Represents me, right at this moment.
Card 2: My past (what needs to be healed from the past).
Card 3: (After in meditation talking to a ‘Wise Being’ about my purpose in life.) The reason why I am born: A card that connects me to Spirit.
Card 4: Higher overview of my life. Knowing the patterns and the purpose of my life: how can I participate more fully?

The question that that belongs to card two is: “My past, what needs to be healed from my past?” I had to pull the card after going back to the past in meditation. Funny was that a some parts of my past I felt old complaints again in my meditation. The card that I pulled afterwards was Six of Swords. What needs to be healed from the past is the feeling that there is no safe harbor. It is the fear that at any moment something bad can happen. no safety anywhere. 


This card made me understand the first card of the spread better, which was the Wheel of Fortune, the card that represented me right at this moment. 


Although this card does not show a wheel the principle of the card is that the Wheel turns and turns, for good or for bad. Bad things can happen any moment, the fates will do what they want at any time. This can give rise to a feeling of being unsafe, not in control.

The theme I hit on here, is alike the theme of the cards I pulled in the Big Bad Wolf spread, a few weeks ago.
Tags: christine jette, health, six of swords, spread: fresh perspective of dis-ease, victorian romantic tarot, wheel of fortune
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