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A Fresh Perspective of Disease: Card 4

Today I have pulled a card for the fourth and last position of the spread “A Fresh Perspective of Disease” by Christine Jette, from her book Tarot for the Healing Heart. This card is meant to look at my life from a higher standpoint. It shows patterns in my life, gives hints of healing and shows how I can participate more fully with my life purpose. The card that I have pulled is Temperance, again from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 


These last two cards of this spread, card 4 and 5, the Hierophant and Temperance, are part of my Life Cards. The Hierophant is my Soul and Personality Card, and Temperance is my Teacher card. Temperance does what it should do: it teaches me how to deal with card 4, the Hierophant. 


In my visualisation yesterday in which I entered the card, I went from an extreme tall person to a small one again, the same size as the boys on the card. I did not understand the card back then. I had hoped for a healing dream that could explain it to me, but none came yesterday night. no Wise Beings yesterday and the day before, no healing dreams…where does this all lead too. Happily Temperance came today to shed light.

This card is important for two reasons. Firstly it encourages me to find the middle way between overextend myself (growing tall) and not doing anything at all (as little as the boys on the card). I need to moderate. Indulging in overextending means more limitations. The Peter Pan spread, the spread from a few days ago, is interesting in that respect because it showed me that I have the urge to meet challenges in order to feel in paradise after overcoming them. And by overcoming challenges I can overburden myself easily (and have done that very often in the past).

The second reason why this card is important to me is that it helps me with my fear. Earlier this week it became clear to me that I am suffering from a ‘disaster scheme’. The first two cards of the spread, the Wheel of Fortune and Six if Swords, showed this. Basically I don’t feel safe. Of course we as humans are vulnerable, but that something nasty will happen to me or my dear family is too much on the forefront of my mind. It is a fear that I took with me from my past and that needs healing. Temperance now, is steering her boat calmly and over calm waters. It hints to me that another view than fear is possible and needed badly in my life.

It is a coincident, but a meaningful and a happy one that Temperance in the Victorian Romantic Tarot looks like the Six of Swords card, and through that is able to cover both of my needs.
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