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Three Little Kittens

One ore two days after I dreamt about the asylum seekers I dreamt about three little cats (June 30). The little kittens made me think of the asylum seekers who were very playful and whom I could not keep imprisoned. Little kittens are immensely playful, moving around all the time. In my dream I was afraid to step on the cats, not wanting to hurt them.

Already I’ve had a journey with the little cats. Last Friday I had an appointment with somebody to each work on a dream. When I got out of bed I was knackered. I had read for so many people that week; some of the readings unexpected and almost every one intense and profound. “How on earth am I going to do this” is what I thought beforehand. When we began working on our dreams I just started to draw an image from the dream and colour it. That became a miraculous, and amazing experience. My fatigue vanished during my work on the painting. I cannot explain it, but it gave me energy.  


Today I have pulled a question from my deck with spread positions to explore the dream some more and with it the drawing. The question was I pulled was: “Which obstacle blocks the steps you want to take?”

Firstly I have pulled a card for the steps I want to take. I received Eight of Wands from the Fey Tarot as a response to this question. 


The card pictures a swift fey with bells. Swiftness and a little bit of cheerfulness from the bells is what comes in my mind looking at the card. Being able to jump from branch to branch, without problems and in reasonably good cheer is what I get from this image. Since in my dream I was afraid to step on the kittens this card is understandable as a goal. My desire is to move carefree, not being hindered (by kittens in the dream). And the bells call out that I want be heard (probably my playful side). Through all this the fey symbolizes my dream ego. At the same time though she represents the three carefree, playful kittens, letting themselves hear while playing, moving around with almost no restrictions (… now I think of it, I move with many restrictions…). 

The second card that I pulled represented the obstacle that I encounter in reaching my goal: being carefree, ‘moving’ without restrictions. As an image of this block I pulled Seven of Cups. 


On the card a fey man sits in front of an innocent looking cup from which suddenly a snakelike dragon attacks him. What I encounter here is my fear to get attacked by sneering words, at moments I am not expecting it. They hurt me and make my joyful bells look foolish. At those moments it feels as if I have stepped on something dear to the person who gives me the sneer (this ‘dear something’ represented by the little cats). The person hisses and lashes out with angry words. They pierce into the middle of my stomach (the place of the solar plexus, a yellow chakra). The fear of being hurt by this anger makes me powerless, makes me move slower, my steps heavy and not carefree. The piercing stabs force me to be on guard because I fear them – but then again, I cannot guard myself against them, it just happens.

Now I understand why painting the dream energized me. There is a lot of yellow in the drawing, which gave me back my power.
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