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I'm back from Belgium again. Had a great time. Towards the end I began to understand the timetables of the trains over there, a bit late, but I won't forget it again. And I managed to get back in time, not even with the last train possible!

Yesterday evening I walked beside the Schelde (a river) with Annemie, the lady I stayed with. She lives on the border of the Schelde in a village with the lovely name: Schellebelle. You can actually see the river from her house. She has two cats, one of them a kitten. Annemie was fun to be with. And I liked being in a house with cats. We miss them here because my husband is allergic to them.

Today I taught Reading Psalms with Tarot to a group of eight, and went home again at half past five.

I was only two days away, a very short time, but still it was strange to hear only Dutch in the last stretch of my journey.

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