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The Headless Horseman of Dis-ease: Card 1

Today I thought I should do something uplifting in my journal, that I should journal more about uplifting subjects. I am reading a book about how to live healthy with a chronic disease, or in my case, chronic disabilities. It is called The Art of Getting Well, by David Spero. I bought the book in Haarlem a few weeks ago in a second hand bookshop, thinking about maybe a future activity about the subject in combination with tarot.

The book warns against other authors or doctors getting you to live healthier by threatening with all kind of diseases. It is a great book, and a sympathetic author as well, but he does the more or less the same. At least the book does have that effect on me. The author states that research has shown that living a stressful life makes you vulnerable for diseases; your live shorter when you are stressful. Besides that he states that chronic diseases improve when you live a relaxed life. When I read this (in the train to Belgium and back) I felt really, really bad not living such a life, knowing now that I will die sooner. Among many potential stressful activities he mentioned ‘activities for personal growth’. There I am, writing faithfully in my blog each day, working on my personal growth, because that what tarot encourages. And to be honest the activity of journaling is often fun, and important to me, but the rhythm makes it a duty as well, and sometimes a heavy one.

Ah well, ‘to lift me up’ (I laugh now) I just do the next spread from the book Tarot for the Healing Heart from Christine Jette, a spread of four cards. I cannot think of anything else now. I’ll do one card each day. The spread is called “The Headless Horsemen of Dis-ease”. The headless horsemen are according to Jette powerful basic feelings like: fear, anger and resentment. The preposition is that harbouring these feelings make you feel less well. The horsemen gallop away with our health and happiness. My sympathetic author would agree to that. There is a section in his book which addresses this. I do not think the spread will really lift me up, but it is an interesting spread, so I’ll just do it.

The first position in the spread is about fear: What am I afraid of loosing? How is fear expressed in the physical body? The card that I have pulled as a response to this question is Ten of Pentacles from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. Oh no…this is funny. I just saw that I forgot to put the Six of Swords in the pack of cards again, the card that has been so important regarding my fear in the past few weeks… I was not able to draw that one again! 


To me the card means that I am afraid to lose home and hearth, prosperity. All in all I am afraid or losing my feelings of being safe and secure tugged in the world.
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