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The Red Shoes


The girl with the Red Shoes wears enchanted shoes which do not stop dancing. She is typical me; me, me me, a thousand times. I find it terribly hard to stop. Especially when I must stop because my arms hurt, or my legs hurt or something else. I just cannot give in. The reason is that I do not want to be ill, or worse, handicapped (but I am..). It is a destructive habit, not being able to stop.

Traditionally, one of the meanings of the The Devil is being addicted, hooked to something. For me 'not being able to stop' is a very apt rendering of The Devil. It is exactly the issue I am hooked at.

We traveled back home today and I thought: "There must be something in the post, or surely there must be something in the mail which will make me work very hard today." But nothing there.

All day I waited for my challenge, I was prepared for it by my card. When should the moment come that I had to stop, but could not do that? Nothing happened.

It did not came, but all that time it was staring me right in the face. It was (of course) the computer! I discovered at my mother's beautiful art-sites and I could not stop looking at them, and when I stopped I came rushed back the moment I thought my arms could bare it. Hooked!

You can read the story here:
Tags: devil, fairytale tarot, pain in arms

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