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The Headless Horseman of Dis-ease: Card 4

Until now I have pulled three cards from The Headless Horseman of Disease, a spread by Christine Jette, from her book Tarot for the Healing Heart.

1. Ten of Pentacles showed my fear: fear of losing home and hearth.
2. Four of Pentacles showed my anger, I am frustrated, and I am not showing it, but bottling it up.
3. Four of Cups showed my resentment, a feeling that I get when I consent to activities I do not like, but still consent to do.

I have pulled two Fours and two Pentacles: the energy of the Headless Horsemen is dense, vast and heavy.

Today I have pulled the fourth card of the spread. This is the Advice card. This card aims to focus my energy on where to start the healing process. The card that I pulled for this is the Sun, a Major. That a Major came up illustrates that it is important to start a healing process. 


The density of these cards need the light and the lightness of the Sun. This Sun is very light, of quality often Suns are burning hot and hard, but not this Sun. It has the fresh energy of spring, when fruit trees are blossoming, and a touch of femininity.

Healing starts by living light, by seeking the light tone, by replacing my worries with blossoms. Take things lightly, seek the spring.
Tags: christine jette, four of cups, four of pentacles, health, spread: headless horsemen of dis-ease, sun, ten of pentacles, victorian romantic tarot

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