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Something Good for My Health

I do not have much time today. I am working on the inner child course for therapists, and I want to finish it quickly. Although I love it, it takes a long time to develop the exercises and the spreads, and to write them all down in a nice way, with some pictures. I am now in the “challenge” part of my Peter Pan Spread (I live in my spreads), working hard and waiting for a “heaven”, the moment it is finished. Thanks to the spread I know now that this heaven never comes.

Today I picked a card with the question: “Something good I did for my health”. The card I received was Death from the Fey Tarot. 


I am sitting a bit baffled with my two different coloured eyes on this card, but oh dear, was I glad pulling it… The card reflects the question I posed today: my decision to be more positive about myself and my accomplishments. That is a change, because I tend to be critical about myself. The card refers also to my decision to care more about my health, to put that more in the forefront than is was before. That is a new way of living.
Tags: death, fey tarot, something good for my health

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