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Something Good for My Health

This is odd. I have pulled a card with the question “Something good I did for my health”. The card I received was: Four of Quills (Four of Swords) from the Jane Austen Tarot. Pictured is Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. Lovesick, she took a walk through the fields, got wet, did not change, and fell gravely ill in the end, starting with just a cold. I have gotten a card showing a person who is gravely ill as something good I did for my health. 


I went to Groningen today, ate cake and lunched there with my mother, and bought a black and white RWS deck in a second hand bookshop. Worked on the supplement of Strength for a while, and had dinner out with Coen, my husband. At one point tonight after dinner I became very sad, to the point that I thought, I do not want to feel this for a very, very long time. Ah well, connecting to feeling is not a bad thing.

Cannot think of anything else.
Tags: four of swords, something good for my health, tarot of jane austen

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