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Blessing of the Day

The question I asked the tarot today is: “Blessing of the Day.” Last night I woke up in the middle of the night at 2.30 with cramps in my belly. Eventually that passed, but I could not sleep anymore, whatever I did. I am a bad sleeper, but this was a very bad night. It was Depression, Eight of Waters, coming true: the last card that I pulled for the night, for fun. And it reflected the card before that one as well, Four of Quills, although I did not pull it for the night. It was the third night of cramps, so I dared to mail it to the homeopath. I have a remedy for the cramps now, if it happens again tonight. Throughout the day I felt rotten, lacking energy, feeling sad and teary (not my usual self). But during the evening I felt a sparkle of energy again: hence the Ace of Candlesticks from the Tarot of Jane Austen as my blessing of the day. 

Tags: ace of wands, blessing of the day, tarot of jane austen

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