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St. Francis and the Doves

Today I have created a spread for the Dutch Tarot Magazine. I had already used it for a lesson (about the Star), but today I rewrote it a bit. The spread is to be used alongside a fioretti, a story about St. Francis. In the story St. Francis rescues doves who are being sold, probably to owners who would treat them cruelly and put them to death. St. Francis saves them and builds nests for them in the garden of the brothers. They begin to lay there eggs and hatch them. They are tame and familiar with the brothers as if they were hens. 

In the story St. Francis compares doves to humble, pure and faithful souls. I took the subject of the soul literal, seeing it as our ‘soul’ and made the spread about the theme of our ‘soul’, our deepest selves, that can be treated cruelly or even put to death, but can develop and grow if it is protected and treated nicely. I pulled a card to the first question of the spread: “How can my soul be cruelly treated (by me or someone else)?” Guess what came up… Eight of Pentacles of the Victorian Romantic Tarot; the same card that I pulled as Card 1 of "Picture the Pain" spread, a spread I did in the last week of May, and in which this card showed "The Pain."  


On the card a young man is painting a vase, very, very precise and perfectionist. That is me working on my courses and stuff. Something I do all day. The concentration of the young man is just the same as mine, even the posture is right. To be honest, it was not uplifting; again an image that shows I need to care for my health.
Tags: eight of pentacles, saint, st. francis of assisi, victorian romantic tarot

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