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Looking Back on the Pregnant Empress

Cannot sleep, so I finished up the course I was preparing. It was a very Empress day; especially an Anne Weston Empress day. I wanted to admire my husband this morning, playing garbage man, on a real garbage wagon collecting paper for the school. (I think Anne Weston would do that) I stayed home for that all morning, so I could see him pass, opened the windos not to miss him, but he was on the another route. Strange garbage-paper men came by.


After that I looked after my daughter who had belly cramps. So my mothertask was on the forefront today The cramps were violent, even asperine did not help enough against the pain. We are always worried when she has such pains, because we were too late with her appendix. Tonight we watched James Bond. Very nice.

And yes, much creativity. And it is finished. 

Back to bed now.

Tags: coen, empress, tarot of jane austen

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