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Heart of Dis-ease, Card 1: Impatient

I am starting a new spread from Tarot for the Healing Heart. It is called “The Heart of dis-ease”: listening to the message in tarot. The spread tries to discover the message in the illness. Lessons in life-wisdom is what Christine Jette calls them. I wonder I like that kind of perspective.

The first position is called “The Heart of the Message”: it tells what is the most needed work now. All other cards respond to this one.

The card that I have pulled is Seven of Pentacles. 


The girl on the card is harvesting fruit in the autumn, but takes a break to admire a little bouquet of flowers. It suggests that it is important to stop, pause and enjoy, let your thoughts wander a bit to nice things, after having done a lot of work. Task is: not to be impatient, not let ambition prevail above other values, trust the growth process (not hasting).

I am often very impatient with work that needs to be done, wanting having it done yesterday. I can even loose sleep over it, not being able to catch sleep and then just do part of it. I am very happy that most of the work that I needed to do for this fall is finished. I had want to more, but well. What I only must do, is writing a paper, but I am up steam with that.

Being impatient has a big effect on my health, in the sense of stress. Most needed work now: pause
Tags: christine jette, health, seven of pentacles, spread: heart of dis-ease, victorian romantic tarot

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