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Heart of Dis-ease, Card 2: Avoiding Emptiness

Today I have read position two: Life Lesson, from the spread “The Heart of Dis-ease” The question is: What blocks your growth or prevents you from taking loving action on your behalf?

The card that I received is Three of Swords, from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 


A desperate woman is pictured; she is crying. What prevents me from taking loving action on behalf of myself is avoiding sorrow. I work in full speed. Taking a break, the suggestion of card one, means confronting myself with a sort of emptiness, loss, grief and sorrow. Resting means there is the possibility it can come up. 

To my relief, I had some good times today in which I managed to relax. My daughter was on the trampoline in the garden, and I sat in a chair beside her with a cat from one of the neighbors on my lap. 


That dog clinging lovingly to the lady on the card reminds me of our family dog that guarded me when I was outside in my crib as a baby (from stories of course).
Tags: christine jette, eight of pentacles, health, spread: heart of dis-ease, victorian romantic tarot

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