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The Heart of Dis-Ease, Card 5: Dropped Down

I have pulled the last card from the spread, “The Heart of Dis-Ease: Listening to the Message,” by Christine Jette. The card asks for what unexpected strength and new possibilities open up as a result listening to the message of dis-ease.

The card that came to the table Ten of Swords, the second Ten in this spread. I pulled Ten of Wands to the question which symptoms were a revolving door, which was the feeling of being overburdened, taking on too much. Two Tens, so too much is a theme here.


It is not the easiest card to receive, although it is very pretty version of the Ten of Swords. It means to me the acceptation that I am not superman, that I am not a superhero, able to do what I want. I need to give up and give in it seems. It might be that the symptoms itself make me aware of that, as the logical effect of them. I just drop down melodramatically.  
Tags: christine jette, health, spread: heart of dis-ease, ten of swords, victorian romantic tarot

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