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Harvest Home, Card 1: A Thorn in my Heart

Just as yesterday, we have been to Autzerlitz, to a little music hall in the middle of the woods. An opera festival is taking place there, and our daughter participates in a workshop to make an opera. Yesterday was the opening of the festival. It was outside and we were sitting under an apple and a pear tree. Very nice. We have a happy daugther, making up opera-storylines and having lots of fun.

I have pulled a the first card in the spread about Lammas, the feast of the first harvest. There are seven cards in this spread. The first position is called “Grouding” and shows what you need to do to keep both feet on the ground. The card that I have pulled is Three of Swords from the Fairytale Tarot. 


The fairytale the card is based on is The Nightingale and the Rose, by Oscar Wilde The nightingale in the story offers his life by singing all night long while pushing his breast to a thorn of a rose, until the rose pierces his heart. This way he creates a wonderful red rose to be used by a student who is in love, but the bird sacrifies his life in vain. The girl does not accept the rose and the student does not care about that. The end of the story is that the rose ends in the gutter.

For reasons of privacy I cannot go into detail, but there is something that pierces my heart, like the thorn of the rose in the breast of the nightingale. To be able to ground I must not be too emotional about it. That does not help at all.

Tags: christine jette, fairytale tarot, lammas, lauren, spread: harvest home, three of swords, vacation

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