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Harvest Home, Card 6: Death

Today, actually yesterday just after I’d written the post about the position five about Health and Healing, I’ve pulled the sixth card from Harvest Home, the Lammas spread by Christine Jette, from her book Tarot for All Seasons. The position is called First Harvest. The spread shows what you are reaping based on your attitudes and behaviour (the previous cards, I guessed).

I am reaping, quite surprisingly, Death, called "Godfather Death" in this version of the Fairytale Tarot. 


The fairytale is about a man who tries to fool Death who acted as his godfather and is therefore called "Godfather Death". The man does not succeed in fooling death. In the end Death came to him, at the time Death had foreseen for him. One cannot escape or deny death; death is not to be fooled with. The message of the card is the same: do not deny death when it arrives.

Denying Death is just what I am about to do. The first thing that crossed my mind was that I am trying to fool death in behaving really healthy, but I fool myself with it, because death cannot be escaped. But it is seldom that Death in the tarot is about real death.

Meant with the Death card are important transitions in life, or stopping with worn out patterns of behaviour. Still I am about denying death. I checked the other cards in the spread and there is nothing death-like about them. Except -happily I came up with something during the day- except, if I succeed in being able not to let my work control my life, and, related to that, if I am succeeding in living a somewhat more relaxed life, which is important for my health (card two and five).

So, probably I do not see Death coming -just yesterday I said I did not make any progress in living a more healthier life- but somehow I succeeded somehow in planting the seeds of that, and are they coming into fruition without me noticing it.

A bit odd, not noticing Death.
Tags: christine jette, death, fairytale tarot, lammas, spread: harvest home

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