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The Sword and the Leper: My (Ex-) Leper, The Chariot

Today again I have pulled a card in response to the story “The Sword and the Leper”, about Brigid. I have drawn a card with the question “Who is the leper in me?” The Chariot from the Tarot of Jane Austen is the card that I have pulled. We see Mary Crawford on this card, from the book Mansfield Park, riding on a horse. This woman wants to get her way, and the end justifies the means. Chariots use even deceit to get their what they want, and they want it fast. Mary Crawford is like rollercoaster in changing the -old fashioned- manners of the household she has come in. 


In the story the leper represents someone who needs help. Lepers are almost always and everywhere outcasts, poor and sick. They are not allowed to live in villages or cities because their disease is contagious. They have to announce their coming with a bell or rattle. Very often they are beggars.

The leper in me is a needy, poor, disabled hungry beggar. His needs are not heard, because he is an outcast, I do not listen to him. No it is even stronger, I do not want to have a leper in me. So, he changes himself in a chariot, dashing forwards, to forget even he ever had a life as a leper. To meet success, the leper in me (or rather the ex-leper) uses every means, even deceitful ones. He is immoral and egoist, and very clever. I need the archetype of the Chariot very much in my life. If am not on the horse –so to speak- I am depressed, and I want to evade that at every cost. So, in a sense the leper might be closely related to my depressive side – or even is the same as my depressive side.

Hmm, interesting spread this is. Could be useful to apply this method on dreams in the dream group.
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