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The Sword and the Leper, the Leper as Chariot, my Shrewdness

Yesterday I pulled the Chariot as the attitude for the leper in me (the leper in the story the Sword and the Leper). I interpreted the Chariot as the attitude in me that does not want to be a leper, that at all costs evades being a leper, therefore choosing the fast lane, staying on the horse all the time, claiming success and confidence. I related this to depression, the wish to escape depression.

Here is another thought about the Chariot as leper in me. Since I have pulled the Hanged Man this afternoon (in the aspect of being a victim) as the card for the sword in relation to the leper, I think I need to write it down. The interpretation I will give here was in fact the first one that came into my mind when I pulled the Chariot, but I let it go. In my first interpretation the leper in me symbolizes a shrewdness to get what it wants. It is immoral and does not have any empathy (just like Mary Crawford). This attitude stems from a feeling of powerlessness, a feeling of being a victim. It is shrewd and uses these tactic, because it does not have power to do it in another manner (true or false). A leper is an outcast and does not have any power to get something done.
It is not that this interpretation (about the shrewdness) is better than the other in which I use the Chariot to evade being a leper. Both interpretations are valid. But I think the one about the shrewdness rings more true to the leper as an outcast and a victim.
Off to bed now.
Tags: brigit, chariot, saint, tarot of jane austen

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