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The Sword and the Leper, Summing Up in the Middle

I went to the Cesar therapist this morning. I am trying to sit on a big rubber ball. For ages now I am trying. It is a struggle, I get pain, pain and pain again. My muscles are tensed and the ball is wobbly, so that gives extra tension. The ball is meant for sitting more relaxed, while practising the muscles all the while. I want badly to sit on the ball, because whatever we try to train strains tendons, and this might be a safe thing. She finds my version of fibro "agressive" because every muscle I use in another way than than I am used to, results in straining tendons and a lot of pain. I do not find it agressive, but I do not like it.

Just to sum things up in the spread that I am doing about The Sword and the Leper, a story about St. Brigid, using the Tarot of Jane Austen. Procrastinating really.

Chieftain, Three of Quills. Part of me that acts cruel because it is hurt. It participates that way in life from a sense of loss and emptiness, a feeling of not being loved.

Leper, The Chariot. Part of me that feels depressed, but does not want to acknowledge it (and drives away from it, on to success) Part of me that is shrewd, that uses every mean to get what it needs, because (it thinks rightly or wrongly) there is no other way to fulfill it.

Sword, The Hanged Man: Part of me that sacrifices her needs for the higher good (connected to Brigid, who gives the sword away). Part of me that is powerless, that has no other instrument than to ask for help to fulfill it needs (connected to the leper, who asks for help en receives the sword).
Tags: brigit, chariot, hanged man, saint, tarot of jane austen, three of swords

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