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The Sword and the Leper, the Neighbouring Chieftain: Marianne Dashwood, Gravely Ill

It had to happen. I was not planning to pull a card today in the spread about the story The Sword and the Leper (about St. Brigid). I am tired, my eyes hurt, and I am working. But I was so curious what card I would receive for the attitude of the neighbouring chieftain, that I pulled it. And now I do not get the meaning of the card.

The role of the neighbouring chieftain in the story is as follows. Brigid's father want to sell her because she gives too much food away to the poor. He asks if his neighbour wants to buy Brigid as a slave. They negotiate and in the meantime Brigid gives her fathers' sword to a leper. When her father and the neighbour have reached an agreement and come outside, her father notices immediately that Brigid has given his sword away. Her father starts Brigid to beat as for that. The neighbour intervenes by asking why she has done that. Brigid responds saying that she would give all his wealth, and that of her father to the brothers and sisters of Christ, where it according to her, belongs. The chieftain then laughs and says that Brigid is too honest for him to buy her.

The card that I received is Four of Quills, from the Tarot of Jane Austen. 


The card pictures Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. She is ill, because she has been not been careful enough to change her wet clothes in dry ones after a walk in the rain. She acted like this, because her heart is broken. She almost dies, so ill she gets. Seeing the image on the card I resonate with it. Although I am certainly not gravely ill, Marianne might be headachy and suffer from painful eyes (I always do when I am ill). But I did not pull it as an image for me. The card must represent the neighbouring chieftain in me in odd ways that I do not understand. 

I must think deep about it.
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