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The Sword and the Leper, Henry Tilney as Brigid

Tired today. I do not why, might have worked too intense, and yesterday evening we went away. My daughter takes part in a week for the children of our village. It is in the woods. All week they build boots for their own groups (of eight children). Yesterday evening we have been to the evening for parents, saw the hut of our daughter and saw the performances they had prepared for us. The hut was wonderful. They had painted dinosaurs on it (the theme was the Stone Age) and there even was even a little path laid out from twigs to their hut. It is great that this event is organized here. It is especially done for deprived children.

Today I’ve pulled the last card in the spread about the story of the The Sword and the Leper, about St. Brigid. It is the card for Brigid that I have pulled with the question of how her attitude is present in me. Before I pulled the card I had some feelings of reservation towards her. She is so self-righteous, so very firmly standing for what she thinks is right, that irriates me. I do not think there would be any compromise for her, ever. To work together with her would be really hard. So I wondered what card I would receive. It was the Knight of Candlesticks (Knight of Wands) from the Tarot of Jane Austen, the deck I use for this spread. 


Yes, well, on seconds thoughts, I post this first, without interpreting it. I hesitated what to do first, because I also want to reflect a little bit on the cards I received for the two chieftains. I think reflecting on them first will give insight to the Knight of Candlesticks.
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