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The Judgement Card

The Judgement card I am working on really hits me today. The words and ideas will just not flow from my pencil. A coffin is closed, and I am inside.

I drew my Card of the Day with an intention: "One thing to be, one thing to do today". It is an idea from, and I like it. I pulled 3 of swords from the Gilded Tarot. 


One thing to be today is to accept that I feel frustrated and closed in. Funny, the swords on this version come from three sides, and aim at the center. They really fence me in. No rain here, thus no cleansing, as in the RWS.

One thing to do for me today is breathing. Breathing relieves the muscle-pain I get from my frustration, and gives me space.

And so today I live in my own small way the Judgement card.
Tags: gilded tarot, health, three of swords

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