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Saint Pius (1835-1914): Routine

It is hard coming into the routine of Livejournaling again. My husband promised me some sayings of Desert Fathers to journal about. He is reading these for sometime now, finding them really profound and funny as well, but he was called away too a funeral, so here I am now, thrown back on my resources.

In utter despair I picked up “365 Saints”, vowing that I would not change the subject if the saint of the day would be boring, but just journal about it. And what came up: a saint who encouraged routine, St. Pius X (1835-1914), just what is so hard for me to get into again. 


Pius encouraged routine readings of the scripture. He urged daily readings of the Scripture as part of his motto to “Renew all things in Christ”. I do not read the Bible in my blog every day, and do not journal each day about religious subjects, but it is my purpose to reflect on myself here and that helps to renew, to get another more beneficial perspective on myself and my life. And it is the routine that makes it possible. That is what I think about what routine does for my journal. I wonder what the tarot has to say about it. My question is: “What means routine for my journal?”

The card that I received is Two of Pentacles from the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot. On the card a grasshopper dances on a rope, lightly, without effort it seems. The other animals on the card are slow walkers, they have crutches. Also there is a heaviness to them: the turtle has its shell and carries a bag pack, and the the big snail on the front carries its home on its back. 


As the grasshopper, the routine of journaling gives me the opportunity to rise up from the heaviness of the day. Often I smile while writing my journal.. Typing is often painful for me, but typing my journal not so much. That is because I like it. It is satisfying to write something, find a userpic, and post it. The process is uplifting for me.

Rising up from the heaviness means also having the opportunity to reflect on my daily life, to distance myself from it, by writing about it. That helps me to obtain balance in my life.

Another thing the grasshopper shows me is not related to routine. That is that my journal is a vulnerable something; the grasshopper is up there, above the other animals. He is not protected by a shield, he really shows himself. The animal spectators can like my show, but they can throw tomatoes as well.

Woodeene Koenig-Bricker, 365 Saints. Harper Collins, 1995.
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