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Saint Pius (1835-1914): Routine Again

Yesterday I asked what it meant for my blog to have a routine in my journal, because the Saint of the day, St. Pius encouraged reading of the Script as a routine. 


My routine is that of reading one card each day. Two of Pentacles was the card I received as an answer, and I interpreted the card in a positive way. Today I looked at the negative aspects of the my rhythm, asking: “What are the disadvantages of having my routine of a reading a card each day?” Unexpectedly two cards came up: Eight of Swords and King of Wands from the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot. 


I feel fenced in, like the goat on Eight of Swords, restrained by the routine of journaling everyday, not even daring to long for something else, but sad and without energy. Blogging prohibits me to do something else, and often it gets late. I almost never sit on the couch and watch television with my husband any more. I was used to that but coming back to the routine of my journal again from my holiday, it feels just like that: fenced in. 


The King of Wands shows me my slavery to own enthusiasm. A part of me -the King on the card- is enthusiast, feels as if being on top of the world, just as the grasshopper yesterday dancing lightly on its rope, but another part in me feels like an obedient slave to the fierce rhythm and the enthusiasm of the King.

So all in all, yesterdays' card showed the advantage of the rythm in my journal. The routine helps me to rise up above the heaviness of the day. The card of today tells me the main disadvantage of my routine, I feel restrained through it, pushed forward and fenced in.
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