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Elinor or Marianne?

Today I have asked the question “Who am I today, and I pulled Ace of Coins from the Tarot of Jane Austen. I was surprised because today many of my undertakings did not work out as I hoped, but the card is right on top. The card is inspired by the book Sense and Sensibility, especially by the practical Elinor Dashwood; her sister Marianne represents sensitivity and feeling. 


Ace of Coins is a new beginning in a physical sense. It is the first card of the suit, a seed, not a finished product. Often it takes practical effort to manifest the seeds of the ace. Today we bought a cupboard for books for my daughters room, that is a new beginning. It took a lot of effort to put in the car and to change the room so that it could fit. All very physical and new. But that is not the only area to which the card applies. I am printing the workbook for the Ma’at Tarot by Corinne Kenner, which have downloaded, and that is trial and error of the first degree. Just now, I did put the paper in with the wrong side on the top. Oh, it drives me crazy (very much a Marianne reaction), but I try to behave as Elinor, saying to myself that I learn a lot from it, and I do, because I never worked with shiny paper for photos in the printer. To be honest, it would have been much cheaper if I had bought the paper edition, but I the learning process I am having through it is worth it. The third terrain to which the card applies are my new courses. I have written the invitation letters for them, that is very precise, slow, step-by-step work. I also have copied them in the copy shop, and of course I forgot one letter… and hated that, again very Marianne-like.

Thus, many new beginnings today, gifts really, and all need a physical down-to-earth-process to become manifest.

Who was I today? Elinor, definitely.   
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