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Pushing Letters under Doors

I was not planning to post, too many things on my mind, and foremost too many things to do, but I cannot sleep. To stressed for that. Therefore I thought to pull a card with the question” “Who was I today?” I was Frederica the girl on Nine of Candlesticks from the tarot of Jane Austen, based on the book Lady Susan. 


Depicted is Frederica, who secretly pushes an envelope under a closed door. She is afraid that her manipulative en egoistic mother will catch her doing it. Today I pushed a lot of envelopes under doors. I promised to tell people about an event organised by a friend of mine and I sent many, many mails to announce it today. The event is important and interesting, my friend is certainly worth it, but people have not asked for such a mail, and in addition to that I present a paper during the gathering. All that made me feel a little bit uncomfortable (see the face of the Frederica). I took great effort to formulate the mail in a non-pushing way.

I also finished the letters with announcements of the new courses. I printed pictures on them and wrote all the addresses. So for the second time this day: letters. Not that Nine of Wands usually is about letters, but in this version a letter has a central role in the picture and in the story on which it is based.

Again I had problems with my printer. I had a refill for my cartridge, but the colours were awful. When I noticed it at five o’clock I went back to the shop with flying colours, but the lad was gone already. Then I bought a second-rate cartridge, which was somewhat better but not good. I am afraid the original cartridges are the only ones that print good quality. Sadly they are very expensive. I feel “outgunned” here, as Diane Wilkes calls it in her essay about the card.

Back to bed now.
Tags: nine of wands, tarot of jane austen, who am i today
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