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Two Nines in a Row

A lingering thought all day in the back of mind… and just now I came aware of it, I have pulled a nine for two days in a row. Yesterday it is was the Nine of Wands, Frederica from Lady Susan. Today I pulled the Hermit, based on Mr. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. Both characters act with conviction and in solitude, but the Hermit is more ‘on top of it’ than the fearful person on the Nine of Wands. 

The card of this morning which showed me “Who am I today”, helped me to relax. "Such a powerful man" I thougt..."I can handle my workload." I installed Word 2007, something for which I really needed power and the conviction of really really wanting it. There was even a moment of Hermit-like pleasure and introspection when I delved in a dream to use as example in a class on tarot and dreaming. Funny was that I did this in a real study, surrounded by books, just as Mr. Bennet on the card, I needed to sit there because my daughter played "Rollercoaster" on my computer at the attic. Overall, I am more ‘on top of it’ and Mr Bennet is one of the causes of that. 

I think -and hope- I will sleep well tonight.

Tags: hermit, lauren, tarot of jane austen, who am i today

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