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Cinderella's Victim Spread, Card 2: Missing Protection

I am doing “Cinderella’s Victim Spread”. The spread is about how we make ourselves a victim. Yesterday I pulled the card for position one, that represented what locked me in a victim mentality: that was nine of swords. To me that meant a lot worries. Now I think of it, It is my third nine in a week…you could say the theme of wisdom, searching for wisdom and acting wisely, from my own authority is a theme in my life right now. But that aside.

The card that I have pulled today is for the second position in the spread. This position is called “Abandoned by Death” and it shows a physical, mental of spiritual loss that caused my victim mentality. I have pulled The Magician from the Ma’at Tarot, made by Julie Cuccia-Watts. The book I am using to interpret my card is The Ma’at Tarot Workbook by Corrine Kenner.

I have pulled the Magician, an interesting card. The deck is based on lunar astrology and the Magician is the card in the deck that belongs to the full moon in Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the mother, and the moon in astrology represents the mother. Follows that this Magician is feminine and is a mother, a mother who creates new from nothing. She symbolizes our power to bring new life through conscious thought and will. 


Somehow I do not feel protected, what makes me worrying and powerless. So my loss is protection, safety.
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