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Cinderella's Victim Spread, Card 5: Hermit, Light on the World

Just a moment ago I have pulled the fifth card in the “Cinderella’s Victim Spread”, using the Ma’at Tarot from Julie Cuccia-Watts. It is a nine again: The Hermit. I received the card as an answer to the question: “how affects my victim mentality me on a spiritual level” (the question is derived from the wicked stepmother).

The card belongs to the full moon in Capricorn in the system of the Ma’at Tarot, which is between June 21-Juy 22. Depicted is Ra, Egyptian god of the afternoon and the sun. Every afternoon he climbs to a mountaintop and sheds light on the world. 


The card shows to me that I cannot act from a higher place of wisdom, rise up out of my worries and nine-of-swords moonish delusions and fears, shedding light on myself on my situation and that of others, putting things into perspective, independent and in control.

This card is related somehow to my loss, card two. Every card is in the spread is related to this one, because the loss causes the vicitim mentality, but this card especially. I have drawn the Magican for it, the card that belongs to the full moon in Cancer, starting with the Winter Solstice, on December 21 and ending on January 19. It is opposite the card I have pulled today in the wheel of the year. My loss was lack of  protection and perfectionism. Probably the card is saying: "You do not need protection so much, or being divine, you are strong and in control enough!"

I hope this all is not too much of a fallen bookshelf. I hope it makes any sense. 
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