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Cinderella's Victim Spread, Card 9: Conflict

Today I have pulled the High Priest for the ninth position of Cinderella’s Victim Spread, a spread that addresses victimization and how to deal with that. Yesterday I have pulled the card for my true desire, in the position based on the ‘Prince’ in the fairy tale of Cinderella. That was Ten of Wands, the wish to lay down my heavy burden. The position of today is inspired on the moment in the story that Cinderella’s runs away at twelve o’clock. It is called ‘Midnight’ and shows how I flee from my true desire.

The High Priest in the Ma’at Tarot, the card I have pulled from the deck I am reading with, is the Green Man, returned to life in the springtime. The card belongs to the Full Moon in Sagittarius, in the last month of the spring, when all in nature grows feverishly (May 21 – June 20).


The Moon in my birth horoscope is in conjunction with Jupiter, the planet that belongs to Sagittarius, the sign of the moon for this card. I am as it were the Green Man who is ‘feverishly growing and expanding’, as the nature in May and June. Expanding and growing in horizons is a deep need in me, it is how I nurture myself, for that is what the moon –among other things- symbolizes in the horoscope. All that expanding explains how I come to carry all that wood on yesterdays card. The wood is meant to keep me warm. That is where all my projects are meant for, to keep me warm and comfy so to speak. Thus, there is a conflict. There is a need for all my projects, but at the same time there is a need to lay them down, because the load is too heavy. They cause worries and sleepless nights.

To make it short: What makes me flee from my truest heart desire – laying down my burden? That is my wish to expand myself in many projects. And in my fantasy I can handle that, forgetting my worries about them. 

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