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Cinderella Victim Spread, Card 1: Bubble, Bubble

For the “Search”, the search for whom the lost shoe fits, the eleventh position in the Cinderella’s Victim Spread, I have pulled Four of Cups from the Ma’at Tarot. The “Search” represents what I need to become worthy off in my own mind of my true desire. It is the shattering of my victim mentality.

The card is associated with the last quarter moon in Capricorn, the earth sign of integrity, and responsibility. Shown on the card is Lancelot who refuses the advances of four bewitching Queens. 


The card shows what can bewitch me: my everlasting need of delving deeper and expanding in my projects and activities, the feeling that my task is a heavy burden to carry (card eight), and the danger of having too high expectations of myself ( ...must do everything perfect… that kind of thoughts (card 2)). If I fight that, it'll shatter my victim mentality. It will be a tough fight. 
Tags: four of cups, ma'at tarot

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