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The Juniper Tree - Justice


The day before yesterday I have glued pictures on typed pages of  "The Star", one of my lessons for the next season. A friend typed these in the unbearable heat we had in Holland, two weeks before.

Typing (blog) and gluing is proving to much for my wrists and hands. I was not aware of this at the time, I like putting in pictures in the material for my lessons very much. It gives me satisfaction, knowing that they are finished, and look very nice.

Today I pulled Justice, called "The Juniper Tree" from the Fairytale Tarot on my question: "Who am I today?"

I feel if the millstone the bird is carrying in his claws, is my share. But who knows, maybe the pain will leave today. Then I will feel if I am given the red shoes, on which I can dance freely, or the golden chain on the bird's neck, too look pretty (you can enlarge the card by clicking on it, then you are able to see the golden chain).

You can read the fairytale here:
Tags: fairytale tarot, justice, pain in arms

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