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Cinderella's Victim Spread, Card 12: Victim Again

I do not like the last card that I have pulled in the Cinderella’s Victim Spread very much. It is the card that I pulled for the “Happily Ever After”, the outcome of my regaining my true desire. It is Two of Swords from the Ma’at Tarot and I have interpreted the card with the help of the Ma’at Workbook, written by Corrine Kenner. 


Two of Swords is associated with the new moon in Libra. This card is about taking measures to regain a healthy balance again. It shows in a symbolic way the culling of the herd, which in the end strengthens the herd. I finished my last entry with the words. “It will be a tough fight”, to really lose the victim mentality. Here is the killing. Drastic measures are needed for my worrying and sleepless nights to regain balance. The conflict I am feeling between me needing many projects and the need for rest is resolved by cutting on the card. Cut the unhealthy things out is the message. But that is not easy. I need the projects to feel good (about myself). I need the rest. The worrying I do is unhealthy (that is where I started this spread), but “then just do not worry (cut that out) and go to sleep” is not really a solution, but that does not help. I have pinned myself down just now. Victim mentality? 
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