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Birthday Coming Up

Since my birthday is coming up I pulled a card to give me an image of my past year. I received the Moon from the Tarot of Jane Austen. Depicted is Emma, from the book Emma, anxious that she is might be not able to marry Mr. Knightley, the man she loves. Initially I was not happy with the card, because I remembered all my fears from the past year, and there were many. 


The Moon is not only about fear, the card is also about illusions. Soon the card brought back how I was caught in an illusion and became aware of that in the past year. Just as Emma became painfully became aware that she wanted to marry Mr. Knightley while she always had wanted to remain single, I became painfully aware of something of importance to me. 

The card fits, and I am grateful for the year that is almost behind me.
Tags: birthday, moon, tarot of jane austen

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