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The moment I entered the church yesterday morning where I had to give a lecture about tarot and complementary health care, I heard this Ave Maria, sung here by Sumi Jo. It was sung in a rehearsal for the event by Veronika Jahász, a young soprano, accompanied by two violins. I just stood and stood there listening, nailed to the ground, having goose bumps. I thought: “When people hear this, it cannot go wrong anymore”. At that time, early in the morning I did not know that more ten 350 people would come to this happening about complementary health care; many, many more than I had excepted.
The day before yesterday I had pulled Three of Pentacles from the Tarot of Prague in which music is an important theme, because it is Mozart depicted on the card.

When I pulled this card I did not relate it to the happening of today, but in retro perspective, thinking of how I heard the Ave Maria and the impression it made on me, I can associate it with it.
The card stresses the importance of teamwork. There was music, a shamanic opening prayer and other lectures. To pull off this event, many people were involved and worked together. Music played a great part in it, from the Ave Maria to the African mantra which was sung by all at the end.  

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