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Rosh Hashanah


Apples dipped in honey, a round bread symbolizing the hope our lives will never end and pommegranades for fruifulness. These are attributes that belong to Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year which has started today. A blow on a Ram’s horn, called a sjofar, starts the new year in the liturgy. The penetrating sound blows away what is worn out and past, and calls in the new.

One of the customs is that before the new year starts people have the opportunity to set things straight with each other, to make it up or ask for forgiveness. This makes it easier to start the new year unburdened, with a clean sheet.

I love the accent on the hope of sweetness in the year to come in this holiday, symbolized by the apples dipped in honey. I like the custom of making it up, straighten what is wrong, before the new year starts also. I started today by pulling a card with the question: How can I make up, set things straight in relationships that went wrong?

The card that came up was Three of Wands from the Tarot of Prague. On the card a powerful man stands at the top of a flight of stairs, leaning on a strong bull, looking confidently at what is in front of him. It looks as if he is a leader in charge, sticking to his plans to achieve them. 


Looking as this card, I think the manner I can make up and straighten things out is seeing the relationship in a positive, fulfilling way, building on the good things that have been, focus myself on a bright future, and most of all, show leadership, being maybe being a bit more virile and powerful.  
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