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The Sweetness of the Year to Come

Today, on the second day of the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah (New Year) I have pulled a card about the sweetness of the new year. Apples dipped in honey and symbolize the hope for sweetness to come. 

In my question is presupposed that there will be sweetness in the new year, but that it is for me to recognize it in order to appreciate and enjoy it. The question is: How can I enjoy the sweetness of the coming year?

The card I’ve picked is Four of Cups from the Tarot of Prague. On the card we see a bored looking shepherd. He is lost in himself, not even looking after his sheep anymore. 


The text in the book had an interpretation of this card that is new to me, but interesting. It broadens my range of interpretation and it applies to my situation. It says: “you should get out of the habit of being unhealthily introspective, and stop dwelling on your anxieties." I like journaling, but I do run the risk of pinning myself down on my bad habits. That is not an uplifting, fun activity. I need to be on the lookout that it does not take away some of the sweetness of the new year.

The bored shepherd teaches me also that it is important to value what I have, to appreciate it, not to feel like a victim of it, sort of.
If I am able to do these two things, I will be able to taste the sweetness of the new year. 
Tags: four of cups, rosh hashannah, tarot of prague

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