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One of my birthday presents was this photo of my husband, coen_wessel, collecting paper for the school on a real garbage wagon. My husband always looks forward to doing this, riding on this with this big wagon. 


I journaled about this event, having pulled the Empress that day from the Tarot of Jane Austen, represented by a pregnant Anne Weston from Emma. I told in the entry that I stayed home all morning to see my husband proudly come by. In fact I did not stay home the whole morning. For a moment I was with a friend who lives nearby, telling her how I could not stay long, because my husband would pass.. etc. He had an another route that morning, so in the end I did not see him came by, but he did pass the house of my friend who made the picture and gave it to me as a present. 


Today again I am waiting, now for a radio program -cannot miss that, we programmed the radio already- in which he takes part to give his opinion about the freedom of religion in Holland, which is an issue right now here. 
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