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Pressured for Time

Today I must start writing an article for the Tarot Magazine. I am late, the deadline is approaching. How can I do this in an efficient manner? Quit journaling each day, that is a first! But now a card. 


An interesting card came up: Eight of Coins from the Tarot of Jane Austen. Pictured is Anne Eliot from Persuasion. The card is divided in squares, and each square shows an area in which Anne is proficient. She plays the piano, nurtures a baby and oversees the finances of the estate. She is able to all these things in an easy way.

Firstly I must set myself to the task. That is what Anne does; she does what is needed. I need to be practical as well. Anne is. So, looking to the squares it would be practical to divide the article in little parts. And the card advises me to do it as one of the many tasks I have. Not to worry to much about it. 

Tags: eight of pentacles, tarot of jane austen
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