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A Special Way of Learning

It was interesting what husband  coen_wesselhad to say in his sermon about Psalm 119, and different than the way I see and use it for my course and article. The accent was on ‘learning’, which is one of the usual views on the psalm, but Coen had a special take on ‘learning’.


Coen meant 'learning-with-the-heart' instead of 'by heart'. 'Learning with the heart'  is forgetting what you have learned to learn it anew on the following day. If you for example read at six o’clock in a meditative book about forgiving and it helps you at eight to let go of your anger, than those two hours of remembering are long enough, than you can forget it, it had has it use then. The message was surprising. He used a saying of the Desert Fathers to explain it; a result of studying their often strange spirituality during summer, from which some of it is very worthwhile.

More than a week ago I journaled about the song I entered in the conquest at our congregation of the “most loved hymn”. Two very different hymns ended as first and second close to each other. The one that ended on the second place belongs to the left part of the Dutch churches: “The Desert will Flower” by Huub Oosterhuis (an important Dutch writer of new church music). The hymn that made it to the first place was “Abba Father”, a solemn evangelical hymn. It shows how diverse our congregation is. My feminist-themed song “She sits as a Bird” was only voted for once, by me. 

Last Sunday I was listening to Coens' broadcasting. We know now that he is accepted for the program. That means he has to go once a month to the studio on a Sunday, far away from here. Boring for us; but nice for him. Often the themes are political, and he likes to be challenged by that.  
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