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I cannot sleep, having cramps. I wait until the aspirin wears it down.

Someone in class pulled Ten of Wands for her long term goal. She did not like drawing it. We all said: “Probably you want to lay down all these sticks?” After sometime she said” ”No, if I am honest, I want to show everybody all my talents, all what I am able to do, all those sticks”. The card next to it told what helped her to achieve the goal. That was the Ace of Cups. I said: “And what if you loved yourself more?” She said: “I worked through this in therapy, again and again. I’ve affirmed it a thousand times. It won’t work. I do not love myself. That is something to accept.” That was so honest.

And for her having to accept this was a challenge and in a way a healing act to do.
Tags: ace of cups, tarot, ten of wands

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