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The Jewish holiday Sukkot has started. This week I invite seven foremothers in my blog which changes in a virtual sukkah. Each day another mother comes visiting to teach me something of relevance. Today I have invited Sarah, a picture of her is hanging right here on my blog-wall. 


Sarah belongs to the virtue Loving-Kindness, and to Chesed on the Tree of Life. My tarot-question is: what can I learn from you, Sarah. I used the Tarot of Prague and the card that came up as an answer to what I can learn from Sara was Five of Swords. 


This Five of Swords card shows three soldiers who are defeated by a dragon, a symbol for miserly, jalousie and slyness, all central themes in the life of Sarah. Sarah could not conceive a child and gave a concubine called Hagar, to her husband Abraham to bear a child. The child would be not her child, but at least there would be a child. It was a deal, a situation of give and take. But Hagar a concubine became haughty and Sarah could not stand that. She became jealous and miserly and did not treat Hagar well, which caused Hagar to run away. Hagar came back though. Later on when Sarah herself bore a child, she persuaded Abraham to send Hagar away in the desert. No one wins in this story, and that is exactly what is depicted on the card. The soldiers tiptoe away being ashamed by their defeat. The dragon has only won three lousy swords and is still pouring out angry smoke. No one has gotten the better of the fight.

Sarah –a wise woman through the problems she has gone through with Hagar- teaches me (in correspondence with Chesed and the virtue Loving-Kindness), to create a give-and-take situation that works well for me and for the others involved. It should not be like the deal she closed with Hagar and Abraham, or like the way she handled the situation that developed because of it.

I need to try to create a state of affairs from which everyone gets better or is happy with. This means I need to be aware of my own needs, but I must also tune in on the needs of the others involved. My own interest cannot be my only drive, otherwise it will not become a win-win situation.             
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