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A Teaching of the Sukkah

At the Jewish festival of Sukkot, temporary huts are build, called a 'sukkah', bringing back the times that the Jewish people travelled through the desert to a promised land without having a permanent house. These huts must be simple. 


A regulation for building is that you must be able to see the heaven through the roof, and another one is that for the roof only organic material must be used that has grown from the ground, but must now be disconnected from it.

One of the wisdoms that building and dwelling in these temporary homes can teach us is that the convictions that we hold and the safety that we work for is not all there is, even if it is a blessing. It is the King of Pentacle part in us that does this, or the Four of Pentacle aspect. The Sukkah can make us aware that our destiny is broader. Each year other parts of our our selves, of the unique human being we are, can be touched upon and developed.

Tarot questions that can be asked are: What makes me feel safe in my life? What if I loose it (and how can I cope with that loss)? What is my most cherished conviction? What can come in place of that conviction (and how do I feel about that, or what does it mean to me to leave the cherished one behind...) What part of me is yet undervalued or undeveloped and yearns or is ready to be developed?

Adapted from: Yehuda Aschkenasy and Eli Whitlau, “Een brief aan de lezeressen en lezers van Tenachon over het feest van Soekot". In: Tenachon, no 4, 1999. 
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