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Sukkot, Hannah

Yesterday it was Hannah’s turn to visit my virtual Sukkah blog as foremother. It was a busy day with many tasks. Hence this pop-up sukkah you can see here. It was a very provisional one yesterday. 


It was 24.15 when I finished the last word for the spread about the Angel of October to put on my website, far too late to write anything about Hannah and what she has to teach me, although I had pulled her card.

For wat Hannah has to teach me I pulled Three of Wands from the Tarot of Prague. 


Hannah could not conceive a child and she prayed to God in her own words for a long time. Her place on the tree is at Netzach (Eternity,the sephira of emotions art and repetition).


Hannah is exemplary in the way how to write and say prayers for family and life cycles. Such prayers written by women are called techinas. I think Hannah, with this card, teaches me to give thanks to God for the riches in my life and for the strength that I am able do what I need to do. 
Tags: foremothers, spread: biblical foremothers, sukkot 2007, tarot of prague, three of wands

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